What sets the Mental Health Forum (or MHF for short) apart from other forums is its members. With well over 50,000 members, MHF brings together people from all corners of the Earth, from all walks of life and with many similar and varied experiences. The MHF aims to be the friendliest place on the web to discuss mental health issues.

To help ensure that the MHF remains safe and supportive for all members and guests, a dedicated group of members takes on a variety of voluntary roles. Ever wondered what the different colour user names mean? Below we go through the different roles and responsibilities of the MHF forum staff who are here to help and support you.


Forum Guides (fuschia)

Forum Guides are there to welcome new members and assist them as they find their way around the forum. A Forum Guide may suggest that you post one of your first threads in the Introductions section of the forum. This is because the Introduction section helps new members “test the waters” and also enables existing members to welcome and assist new members to settle in.

New members are warmly welcomed. It is a big step to reach out for help, support and friendship, and that courage is recognised by members of MHF. If you have any questions about the forum or would like some friendship and support while you get established on the forum, send a message to a  Forum Guide and they will be more than happy to assist you.


Forum Safety Team (dark blue)

The Forum Safety Team assists the moderators in providing a safe space for all members and guests. In particular, they focus on the guidelines relating to flaming and to very offensive or harmful material, including self-harm specifics.

MHF has strict guidelines against the use of self-harm specifics, pro-anorexia posts, and mention of specific methods. This is for the safety of all members and guests and is strictly enforced. If you see any mentions of specific self-harm or suicide methods, or posts encouraging anorexia, bulimia, drug abuse or of any other nature that concern you, please report the post.

If any post concerns or upsets you, please report the post using the report button (the red triangle at the bottom of each post or private message with the words “Report Posts” by it).


Moderators (green)

Moderators work to ensure that members and guests are being supported and that the forum rules and guidelines are followed.

MHF has rules and guidelines relating to advertising and spam, flaming and very offensive or harmful material, naming of individuals and irrelevance. If you believe a member is harassing other members or that a post is offensive, please report it to the moderators by pressing the triangle on the bottom left of the post. This will enable members of the moderating and safety teams to quickly deal with these concerns.


Administrators (black)

The Admin staff are responsible for making the website “work”. They work behind the scenes to ensure all links are working, to help organise, edit and delete posts, threads, and member accounts on request. They assist with moderation when members of the moderating team are unavailable.

They also ensure that the website and mobile apps (iPhone and Android) are updated and running correctly.


How to become a forum volunteer

There are three ways to become a forum volunteer. If you would like to become a volunteer, you are more than welcome to respond to any request for help with the forum – these are usually listed in the forum information section. In addition, you may be asked or nominated by other forum volunteers to become a part of the forum team. Alternatively, you are most welcome to let us know that you are interested. Please just send us an email using our contact form.

There are a large number of volunteers working behind the scenes who are always more than happy to assist you with any questions or concerns, whether reported using the report button or through the MHF message system. While the volunteers will always be here to help ensure that MHF remains a safe and supportive place for members and guests whose lives are affected by mental health issues, it is our wonderful members who makes this forum what it is today.

So why not jump in, and take a look around. Welcome to Mental Health Forum!